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Large-span Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse

Large-span Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse

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Brand: Gaoqiang

You need to think of the Gaoqiang Large-span Prefabricated out metal construction Warehouse if you want a warehouse that will store a lot of materials, products, or equipment. The item is a game-changer in warehousing solutions, offering a durable, economical, and option is certainly businesses are eco-friendly.

The Gaoqiang Large-span Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse is made with high-quality steel materials that guarantee maximum durability and strength. The dwelling is built to withstand climate is harsh such as for example snowfall is winds are certainly heavy are strong rains, along with earthquakes. The metal materials is likely to be resistant to also fire, pests, and other warehousing is typical.

One of the better things are great the Gaoqiang Large-span Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse is its simplicity of installation. Unlike traditional warehouses, that might need months if not years to create, this warehouse is contemporary be erected within two to three days or months. The metal framework pieces are prefabricated assembled and offsite on location by utilizing a united group who has connection with.

The Gaoqiang Large-span Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse could be versatile, enabling someone to expand or downsize your warehouse since the continuing business requires change. It is actually a task is add that easy eliminate chapters when it comes to warehouse, based on your space for storing needs. This freedom helps to ensure that you may not throw away cash on unused need or space to develop a warehouse up is new your requirements modification.

The Gaoqiang Large-span Prefabricated metal Structure Warehouse isn't only strong but additionally eco-friendly. The steel materials present in its construction are recyclable and sustainably sourced, making this a warehousing solution is eco-friendly. The warehouse can be energy-efficient, additionally cutting your carbon footprint and preserving on power costs.

The Gaoqiang Large-span Prefabricated Steel Structure Warehouse requires upkeep is minimal terms of upkeep. The steel materials are corrosion-resistant and rust, to make sure you need not stress about painting or working together with the warehouse. The dwelling may be hugely a task is not hard disinfect and clean, making it perfect for saving food, pharmaceuticals, and other things are sensitive.

Details Images
Main Structure
Q355/Q235 H- steel , Box column is also available
Q355/Q235 H steel
Surtaceprocessing options
1. Epoxy zinc-rich primer + epaxy mica intermediate paint(120um thickness)
2. Hot dip galvanization
Sub Structure
Q355B,C/Z steel section, galvanization 275g/m2
Angle braco
Q235B, L- steel
Cross bracing
Q235B round bar, L-steel
Tie bar
Q235B,round pipe
Batter brace
Q235B, round bar
Roof System
Roof panel options
1. Insulated sandwich panel, PU, rock wool, glass fiber, EPS, Twosides is steel sheet, Thickness of roof panel 50m/75mm/100mm.thickness af steel sheet 0.4mm/0.5mm/0.6mm
2. Steel plate, thickness 0.4mm/0..5mm
Guttar optians
1. Galvanizod steel gutter, thiciness 2.0mm/2.5mm/3.0mm
2. Painted, Pre-finished steel gutter, thickness0.4mm/0.5mmy0.6mm
Down spout
Pvc pipe
Sted flashing and cower
Steel sheathing for ridge covers, gable ends and turrets
Roof skylight 1.8mm pyC sheet and Stainless steel ventilator
Q:What is your main business?
A:We are an enterprise combining industry and trade. The company mainly engaged in carbon steel coil, galvanized steel coil, H-shaped steel, steel structure, container house and other products, has rich experience.

Q:How do you guarantee the quality of your products?
A:Pre-production samples are available before mass production; there is a final inspection before shipment.

Q:What are your advantages over other suppliers?
A:We have rich experience in production and processing, numerous technical personnel, advanced equipment and production facilities, which enable us to guarantee high quality, timely delivery and competitive prices.

Q:What are your terms of payment?
A:We support payment methods: L/C、Western Union、D/P、D/A、T/T、MoneyGram.

Q:What is your delivery time?
A:Different products have different delivery times. Products will be delivered as soon as possible on the basis of quality


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