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Prefabricated Space Capsule House Container

Prefabricated Space Capsule House Container

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Prefabricated Space Capsule House Container is a revolutionary product which is totally new is great for those shopping for a straightforward and affordable choice to produce a property. Made from top-quality materials, this container was designed to provide a complete time income is actually comfortable this certainly both durable and stylish.

Among the many popular features of the Gaoqiang Prefabricated Space Capsule House Container is its simplicity of installation. This container may be easily and quickly assembled by probably the most novice builders with pre-cut panels and simple instructions. In addition, it could be easily transported to simply about any location, making this an option is certainly perfect many who want to create a property in a remote or area is hard-to-reach.

The Gaoqiang Prefabricated Space Capsule House Container can certainly be made out of power effectiveness in your mind. It is actually made from top-notch materials that could retain heat in to the winter and keep cool in the summer months, reducing power expenses and assisting to cut back your carbon footprint. Furthermore, it comes down constructed with energy-saving lights which are LED along with other energy-efficient features, making it a brilliant and choice is really eco-friendly.

An additional advantage concerning the Gaoqiang Prefabricated Space Capsule House Container is its versatility. Whether you are looking to create only a little and home is certainly cozy huge and spacious one, this container is tailor designed to meet your requirements. It comes down having an array of customizable features, including windows, doors, floor, and even more, assisting you to develop an original and living is really personalized this is really tailored to your unique tastes and preferences.

Products Description
Hollow Glass (6+12A+6) Window
Light Steel Structure
White or Optional
25sqm(8500*3300*3200mm) or Customers' Requirements

Technical data
1) Roof Load:0.35 KN/sim
2) Floor Load:0.5 KN/sim
3) Wind Load: 24.4 M/s
4) Earthquake Resistance: Magnitude-7 Earthquake
5) 5)Fire Rating : A
Engineering case

QWhat is your main business?
AWe are an enterprise combining industry and trade. The company mainly engaged in carbon steel coil, galvanized steel coil-shaped steel, steel structure, container house and other products, has rich experience.

QHow do you guarantee the quality of your products?
APre-production samples are available before mass production; there is a final inspection before shipment.

QWhat are your advantages over other suppliers?
AWe have rich experience in production and processing, numerous technical personnel, advanced equipment and production facilities, which enable us to guarantee high quality, timely delivery and competitive prices.

QWhat are your terms of payment?
AWe support payment methods: L/CWestern UnionD/PD/AT/TMoneyGram.

QWhat is your delivery time?
ADifferent products have different delivery times. Products will be delivered as soon as possible on the basis of quality



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