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Scientific Management, Quality First, and User First

Sep 27, 2023 1

We have multiple internationally advanced inspection equipment that meet domestic and foreign testing standards.

Mechanical Properties-Tensile Machine, Hardness Tester.

Chemical Composition-Direct Reading Spectrometer.

Coating weight-online and offline thickness gauges.

Paint Thickness-DJH Thickness Tester.

Plating and coating adhesion and flexibility-edging machine,T-bending machine, Checkbox, Cupple. 

Coating Color Difference-Datacolor Color Difference Meter.

Coating Gloss-Gloss Meter.

Degree of curing of the coating-MEK wipe test.

Coating Hardness-Pencil Hardness Test.

Coating scratch resistance-scratch resistance test.

Impact resistance and adhesion of coatings-reverse impact test.

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